Jim Summers is a manager of events and individuals whose entire life has guided him to activism in the LBGTQIA+ family.  Jim spent most of his life hiding in a dark closet created by an ultra conservative religious organization.

During that time he married and had a family.  His son, Kenton, was born during this 22 years of marriage.  In 2013 Jim opened the long sealed closet door and began living his life authentically. 

 Early in 2015 Jim became an Oregonian after moving here from Arizona.  Not long after moving Jim met Franklin Brown, with whom he had already connected with online.  Jim and Franklin hit it off immediately and in May of 2016 were married at Ecola State Park.


“After spending so many dark and scary days hiding my authentic self I have come to truly desire to help others who struggle and to socialize with those who have made the journey already.  We all have so much we can share with each other that benefits us for our entire life, regardless of age, race, orientation or any other label we can place.”


Jim spent 8 years working in the not for profit world prior to “coming out” and is excited now being able to share the skills he honed there to grow organizations like LCQC.  “I love music, including singing and playing the piano, community theatre and being engaged in local arts programs. I love my family and have felt completely welcomed and received by this community.  I hope to be able to actively help those in need here in our community.”


If you have questions or need help please do not hesitate to contact Jim at jimsummers67@gmail.com