Tessa James Scheller is a retired Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) now working as a community activist in education, civil rights and natural resource arenas. Tessa has been an Oregonian since 1979 and married with Jann M Luesse in 1974. “We have shared a great diverse lifetime together and supported each other through coming out bi/queer early on in our marriage.” Tessa came out again in 2013 as transgender and seeks to support diversity, equity and

inclusion for all queer and gender non conforming people in the widest circles of our community.

“We recognize the value, worth and dignity of all people and our responsibility for creating a welcoming and safe community here. We are more than our sexual orientation or gender identity. We are your neighbor, a wife, grandmother and great grandmother. I have served my country as a teenaged soldier in Vietnam and since then as a non profit board member and publicly elected official.”

“I love singing, dancing, trails, wetlands, beaches, bicycle riding, sailing and hiking with friends. I love my family and this community deeply and will do all I can to make a positive difference in our shared quality of life right here, right now. I invite your participation, questions and fine company in our shared endeavors”

Contact Tessa at tessajscheller@gmail.com